Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Dream-Time

Isn't the ability to go to sleep at night and enter the dream world an absolutely extraordinary thing? I mean, how can anybody actually consciously use the phrase that was "just a dream," like somehow just because this adventure occurs outside of the physical realm it is less important or less meaningful.  To be honest, I think this is what makes dreams even more wonderful, the fact that we experience them outside of our waking lives.

Yes, indeed, I am a big fan of dreaming; fully on board with Carl Jung and his posse when it comes to the sleeping adventures through the psyche.  I think dreams are rich treasure boxes of historical, mystical, and psychological data ready to reveal the most profound and insightful things. I mean every night we have the opportunity to enter in to worlds where anything is possible, where mystery and outrageous possibility are guaranteed.  Even the horrific dark and shadowy ones are deserving of respect and become some of our best teachers if we are interested in listening to what they have to say.

I love becoming familiar with my dreams.  I like to write them down and find their common threads.  I like to look back over them and see the incredible collective tapestry they weave.  I like to sit with my tea, in the mornings, and marvel at their patterns, and themes, and colors.

Lately I dream of apple trees.  Big bountiful apple trees dripping with ripe fruit.  I seem to discover them with a kind of disbelief, as though I had no idea I as going to stumble upon such a magnificent thing. I don't yet fully understand the meaning of these new dreams, but I am certainly open to their wisdom.  

I think the Aboriginal people of Australia are on to something with regard to their Dreamtime philosophy.  I have heard it said that they believe more in the reality of the dream world than that of the waking, and who's to say what's real and what isn't, I certainly am no expert.  I do know though, that when I look back upon the memories of my lifetime to date, I am often not always sure what I did, and what I dreamed.  All I know for certain is that my dream world is an important part of my living, and I am deeply grateful for the insight, healing, and wild adventures I find myself on, night after dream filled night.

Yes, if ever you feel bored with the day to day, I recommend taking a nap.  It's a sure way to find yourself on a spontaneous and thrilling adventure. 

And now, here I go, off to the dreamtime myself, to nurse a nasty little head cold and to discover the secrets of apple trees. 

Sweet Dreams.

Images: "Apple Trees" by Olbinksi and "The Listening Room" by Magritte


ArtSparker said...

Do you know the Yeats poem about the fish that turns into a woman that ends with the lines:

The Golden Apples of the sun,
The silver apples of the sun

ArtSparker said...

Your niece might like these little characters