Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Chapter

Over this past year, much newness has been unfolding. It has kept me from blogging.

However, there is a new blog now, as well as a new adventure...if you are intrigued click here

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Note Of Thanks~

Hello Dear Sweet Blog Friends,

How are you?

I hope you are all infinitely well, enjoying the autumn harvest, reaping the glorious abundance of the past year. I hope this year has been one of magic and splendid-ness. Mine has been a little of everything. Up and down, here and there and all over everywhere. There have been good days, bad days, happy days and some understandably sad days. Over-all though the main theme of my year (if I had to choose just one), would have to be: ACCEPTANCE~ This has been a year of acceptance.

I am writing today, because over the course of this past year some of you have written to enquire as to where on earth I am. Thank you for that. It is such delight to know you are out there, interested in my human journey, offering your heartfelt encouragement and kindness. The world could use so much more of this, don't you think? I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, how much I appreciate each of you.

So where have I been? ( Geeze, I am so tickled that you even ask and I don't really know what to say) Mostly I have been busy with bees and for those of you curious about this, you may wish to go Here. And when I am not busy with bees there are gardens to tend and dog friends to visit with, and books to read, and food to cook, and lovely people to see and beautiful places to go... and well you know, I suppose you could call this life. eh eh eh. And when there are not delicious moments to soak up, to taken in, to digest and be nourished by, there are also emotional meltdowns to have, and difficult feelings to process, and niggling negative thoughts to discard of. (you know, the usual human business) I think the wise one's call this BALANCE?

I am afraid my curious contemplations of each new and beautiful day have not made it outside of my own busy head and out into blog land simply because I have too many other things asking for my attention. And then sometime last summer, I found myself sitting amongst a mountain of thoughts and plans and it became clear to me that I could really do without so many ideas and agendas.

And so, you see, I vowed to spend my days attempting something the Zen One's call "being"(and although I have not come anywhere near experiencing this "being-ness" as much as I would like, I do find great relief at the trying). So this said, I am doing less thinking and more observing.

And well, this new style, it has taken me away from my computer keyboard and out into the world, and this just seems to work better for me. So that's where I have been. I don't imagine I will find myself here in blog land very much over the next while, but, saying this, one never really knows what each new day will bring. It does however mean so much to me that you have enquired as to my whereabouts. What an honour, truly, I feel such gratitude for your encouragement.

For now though, I wish each of you skies upon skies of happiness ~

Happy Harvest~
Thanks for being out there,

P.S.- Gus sends his love. He offers you the happiest of howls and reminds you that the secret of the universe is "not to worry."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Good News~

It has been a while since I have sat down with my tea on a quiet morning and ran my fingers across a keyboard. Weeks have been spent getting the bees ready for winter, harvesting the fruits of our labours and making all kinds of wonderful plans. In amongst our many plans, there is one I am bursting to share, one that I think you will also be inspired by.

As you know, there has been much time spent with the honeybees this year. Much time spent in awe of their diligent ways. Much time spent learning about what more we might do to support these winged friends in their important work.

We have come to the conclusion that we must do whatever we can to help the honeybees at this particular moment in time, for reasons that you can read about in just a moment, if click on the link at the bottom of this page.

And so I invite you dear readers, to have a look at what we have been building and creating over here. Welcome to Beecause Pollination Project.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to the Garden~

There is much to be thankful for this season. The bounty is truly something to marvel at. The plum tree is heavy with fruit, the squash are hiding their full round shapes under canopy's of green, the honey is just now off the hive and sitting on the kitchen table like a sweet golden elixir.

My hands are cracked and dry from dirt and sun, my body is sore from lifting 80 pound supers of honey and my is heart filled to the brim with awe for this incredible earth. The satisfaction is deep, the gratitude is infinite, the happiness that comes when eating spoon fulls of honey from the flowers in my own garden is simply indescribable.

I have spent very little time writing this summer, very little time thinking about how to put my experience into words and this has been a great relief. My mind can be as unruly as the vines climbing up our back shed and pruning back the thoughts has been rather a good thing for me. Instead of thinking about how to write about the honeybees magic I found myself sitting by the beehive, in a warm place, just listening to the hum. I enjoyed steamed greens from the garden without thinking about how to describe their flavour. I waded into the water with my dog without wondering how to document the suns effect on the waves. I can't say I have mastered this technique of "being in the moment" by any stretch. I can't even say it happens as much as I would like it to. I am definatly nowhere near enlightenment and I am sure that the Buddhists have a heckofalot to teach me, but I can say, that there are moments, when for a brief time, I have not been thinking. And I can say, that I liked this.

One whole year has gone by since I began this blog. And what a marvelous journey it has been, what a lot of fun and inspiration, what a lot of lovely folks I have met. I am so thankful to have had your company and experienced your kindness. Your encouraging words have given me so much joy and courage, thank you.

And now I am going to push away from the computer keyboard and head back into the garden where I will be taking the advice of my wise dog and doing less thinking and more being. I am not sure when I might be back in my cyberspace living room, but until then I wish you all basketful's of goodness. I wish you sweet mornings of golden light. I wish you peaceful afternoons and enchanted evenings. I wish you health, happiness and wholeness. I wish you magic in each and every exquisite moment of your life.

Just think of how sweet my tea will be this year!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garlic Harvest~

I am not sure what it is about the garlic harvest that brings me so much deep down glee. This might be my favorite thing to harvest, if there could be such a thing. Perhaps it's the time that it takes a clove placed in the Autumn ground to mature into a complete bulb, 10 whole months. Sometimes it's the waiting that makes the goal that much more glorious. Or maybe it's in my blood, an ancestral inheritance from my Eastern European roots, perhaps this is a cellular love. Whatever it is, it is as strong and healthy as the garlic itself.

Garlic is my food and medicine, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. There is no soup or stew complete without it, no better way to cure a cold or keep the flu away, of course you also run the risk of keeping others away too, but sometimes that's not so bad. Tis hard to tell, who's a vampire and who isn't sometimes. eh eh eh.

Otherwise these days have been spent far away from keyboards and indoor activities. There is an inch of dust covering everything in the house. There are 100 tasks needing doing, but I simply cannot give myself to them. The moment I am out of bed in the morning, I am outside, barefoot in the garden, as busy as the bees.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ode to the Campfire!

There is a place in the wilds of British Columbia's interior where folks of all different kinds can live together in relative harmony. You don't believe me? Well, you should. I saw it myself, more than once, and I have marvelled at it for sometime now.

I am not sure what makes it possible for the redneck and the hippy to live on the same dirt road and manage to respect one another. I am not sure how the meat- eaters and the vegetarians can sit round the same campfire and marvel at the dinner before them. I still don't know what makes the hillbilly moonshine brewed in the back-shed still taste as lovely as the 10 year old single malt imported from Scotland's Isle of Islay. I can't understand what those who ride horses and those who ride Harley's have to talk about. And I can't figure out how the campfires built in those rugged hills can warm hearts as much as they do cold hands and feet, but you know, I don't think I care if I ever know the answer to these questions. I simply like that it happens.

Campfire and Kettle

I just spent a week camping beside the most magical lake, in the forested hills near my home town.

View from our tent

The mornings were spent with my little niece Senay collecting wild flowers and building sandcastles. The afternoons spent reclining on smooth soft drift wood with a good book, while Senay painted beach stones. The evenings were festive gatherings of good people.

Breakfast on the campfire

Morning's Flowers

Out there, under that starry sky, miles away from the civilized world the most interesting folks found there way down the dusty path to our Gypsy campsite. When the sun went down over the snow capped peaks and the campfire roared with flames, the people roared with laughter. All kinds of people sitting round a campfire with almost nothing in common, except perhaps a deep appreciation for this wild and wonderful earth. There is something really delightful about that, something hopeful and inspiring about a group of people gathered together who have nothing more than their humanness in common.

Indeed, I must admit, that as the years go by I am more interested in what makes us the same as opposed to all of those things that make us different. And I have to be honest and say that this hasn't always been the case. My life for a longtime was dedicated to being different. Oh the pains of proving ones uniqueness.

Setting Sun

When I was 18 years old I moved as far away from hometown as I could to celebrate my differences, to be known for my individual flare. Now almost 15 years later I have to laugh hard at the pull of my healthy and youthful ego. Sitting there with my wild family and those mountain people, I realized that what made me the most different from these good folks was my own harsh judgment, my own desire to be something other than what I am ~ a small town girl with an enormous love for the wild lands of my childhood.

So this post is dedicated to good hearted country people everywhere. What an honour it is to warm myself by your fires, to be accepted exactly as I am, for better or for worse. Ha! Your an inspiration!