Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Note Of Thanks~

Hello Dear Sweet Blog Friends,

How are you?

I hope you are all infinitely well, enjoying the autumn harvest, reaping the glorious abundance of the past year. I hope this year has been one of magic and splendid-ness. Mine has been a little of everything. Up and down, here and there and all over everywhere. There have been good days, bad days, happy days and some understandably sad days. Over-all though the main theme of my year (if I had to choose just one), would have to be: ACCEPTANCE~ This has been a year of acceptance.

I am writing today, because over the course of this past year some of you have written to enquire as to where on earth I am. Thank you for that. It is such delight to know you are out there, interested in my human journey, offering your heartfelt encouragement and kindness. The world could use so much more of this, don't you think? I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, how much I appreciate each of you.

So where have I been? ( Geeze, I am so tickled that you even ask and I don't really know what to say) Mostly I have been busy with bees and for those of you curious about this, you may wish to go Here. And when I am not busy with bees there are gardens to tend and dog friends to visit with, and books to read, and food to cook, and lovely people to see and beautiful places to go... and well you know, I suppose you could call this life. eh eh eh. And when there are not delicious moments to soak up, to taken in, to digest and be nourished by, there are also emotional meltdowns to have, and difficult feelings to process, and niggling negative thoughts to discard of. (you know, the usual human business) I think the wise one's call this BALANCE?

I am afraid my curious contemplations of each new and beautiful day have not made it outside of my own busy head and out into blog land simply because I have too many other things asking for my attention. And then sometime last summer, I found myself sitting amongst a mountain of thoughts and plans and it became clear to me that I could really do without so many ideas and agendas.

And so, you see, I vowed to spend my days attempting something the Zen One's call "being"(and although I have not come anywhere near experiencing this "being-ness" as much as I would like, I do find great relief at the trying). So this said, I am doing less thinking and more observing.

And well, this new style, it has taken me away from my computer keyboard and out into the world, and this just seems to work better for me. So that's where I have been. I don't imagine I will find myself here in blog land very much over the next while, but, saying this, one never really knows what each new day will bring. It does however mean so much to me that you have enquired as to my whereabouts. What an honour, truly, I feel such gratitude for your encouragement.

For now though, I wish each of you skies upon skies of happiness ~

Happy Harvest~
Thanks for being out there,

P.S.- Gus sends his love. He offers you the happiest of howls and reminds you that the secret of the universe is "not to worry."