Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best Medicine~

Having spent the morning in a nest of blankets, sipping hot honeyed herbals for sore throats and stuffy noses, with my dear dog-friend Gus, I am convinced, that dogs, are all nurses in disguise. They are also the best hot-water bottles and foot warmers.  Beyond this, they are easily the best company and have the most exceptional bedside manner.  I feel entirely cared for and completely loved by my exceptionally cute and cuddly canine care-giver.  He has completely assured me that stillness, a good book, and a warm blanket are just what the doctor ordered, and as Gus drifts in and out of peaceful sleep I give myself permission to do the same.  

I am fairly certain that medicine does not always come in a little brown bottle with a tight lid. Sometimes the best medicine is not anything 
you swallow or sip. Sometimes the most healing thing is a kind of nourishment for the soul; a moment for the soul to drink in and be soothed. And that 'soul nourishment,' for me,  on this day, is in the "grassy outside smell" of the soft white fur of my beautiful dog, it's in the warmth and weight of his relaxed body pressed up against my feet, and the sticky wet dog licks he gives my toes upon his waking.  Today the most healing tincture for me is not in my dark dry cupboard of wild crafted plants and potions, but rather, slumbering away beside me on my warm and cozy bed.

This post is dedicated to Gus, our wonderful dog, loyal friend, and loving nurse.     


ArtSparker said...

You and Jen have some kind of connection today. Wonderful soulful eyes of your companions in your posts.

Hope you feel better tomorrow>

herhimnbryn said...

Hope you are feeling better. Your companion looks like a good and kind one!
Dog here, sits beside me as I type, he is waitnf for me to get up and make toast!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello Nao - we have the same taste in teapots and companions though yours seem rather more relaxed than mine! Lovely blog - especially love your contemplation of natural forms (have you checked kymatics, fractals, the stone circles of Kettles Yard Cambridge?) - just a few favourites to pass on. Best wishes.

Susan said...

what a beautiful description and photos of a a very best friend. I too am lucky enough to share my home and life with dogs and my Winnie Dixon looks very much like a black version of Gus. cheers from Nova Scotia, Susan