Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Breakfast of Poetry~

Whenever I can, I try to start my day with poetry. Some people like to start their days with a hearty breakfast, or yogic breathing, or brisk walks, or a strong coffee, but not me.  No, I  feel I need to feed
my soul first. Once I am full to the brim with inspired words, I go to the kitchen and make myself something delicious to eat, before I find my dog and his lead, and go wandering out into the morning. 

So here is one from Rumi that began my day today, and my lovely cats too.  So far it is having a most excellent effect on us.  I hope it will have the same wonderful effect on you too.


Okay, I'll do it:
sing longer songs tonight because sometimes
you're just so damn hard to please, and I guess I am
still courting you, trying to get into 
your souls knickers.

What makes you like that-grouchy around the edges?
What classrooms have you lounged in;
what nonsense have you traded 
your gold

How can you look so needy,
God is growing in fields you own.

He hangs from trees you pass every day.  He is disguised as that
peach and pine cone.

Every sound I hear-he made it.

I have been walking with two canes these days-
guess why?

It is because of His beauty and that blond peach fuzz floating
everywhere like dust-

it has made me
so drunk.



Anetka said...

Beautiful poem, I've never read Rumi's poetry until yesterday when I found it on Tammie Lee's blog.

thank you for feeding my soul.

Tammie Lee said...

I love Daniel Ladinsky's translations! Especially of Hafiz!

The way you begin your mornings sounds wonderfully perfect!

herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou. (Love, 'your soul's knickers'!)