Monday, October 13, 2008

The 5th Cup of Tea~

The rain is a comin down today and the dark days of late autumn seem to have officially descended upon us. It is without question time to cozy up indoors with warm socks and hot soups.  There is a pot of barley soup bubbling away on the stove-top and fresh bread baking in the oven as I write this. The smells that permeate this little green cottage make the darkness of this grey day quite wonderful. Yes, indeed, now is the season for steamy cups of tea by the fireside and after dinner sing-along's with good friends that extend into the dark nights until candles burn down in their holders and disappear.  

Speaking of friends, I just found this excellent Chinese proverb that I am bursting to share.  It comes from Robert Johnson's book "Lying with the Heavenly Woman" and it goes like this:  

"Chinese culture has a gentle way of talking about friendship: their proverb is the that the fifth cup of tea between friends is the best.  Tea was made in old China simply by pouring hot water over loose tea leaves in a cup.  The explanation of the proverb is that when friends meet, busy and tense form the outside world, the first cup of tea is drunk hastily and without much grace. The second pouring of water requires a longer time to steep the leaves.  This is better.  The third cup requires still more time.  The fifth cup stands for an appreciable length of time before the tea is of the required strength.  It is this fifth cup that becomes the symbol of friendship at its best." 

So here is to a winter filled with cozy teas in the company of wonderful friends, to food and music and laughter shared ~ And to start our teatime travels off good and proper, Mark has just brought home some more of his beautiful pottery.  I will attach a photo to this post of his latest creations for you all to enjoy.


herhimnbryn said...

Your kitchen looks so inviting. The proverb hits the spot, doesn't it?
Your beloved's cups seem to be the perfect shape for wrapping hands around. Whenever I buy cups they have to pass that test!

ArtSparker said...

Wish I could pop by! Lovely post.

Anetka said...

Beautiful post, warmed me up:)