Monday, March 2, 2009

March Winds~

Today, when I awoke, the smell of spring was all through the house.

It must have come in through the living-room window. The winds of change sweeping through the house in the night, invited by Faeries no doubt. The smell of earth and water and invisible flower petals everywhere.

I walked across the floor, in a kind of trance, spring in my hair and in my lungs. My bare feet heading straight for the door. Reaching to open the door, barley awake, I stepped onto the porch. It was like stepping into another land. The most balmy spring wind was blowing everything awake.

March winds are like no other. They come in like a lion, yes, but a lion that roars us to awakening, to the stirring of life all around.

As I stood on my porch, breathing the spring wind, a sprinkling of rain misting the the morning, I could feel the vital energy of my own being surging and quickening.

Gus joined me for this morning's spring symphony. He came onto the porch, stretched and turned his head to the wind. I noticed that he tilted his nose to the best possible angle, in order to fully breath in the invisible magic. I just happened to be coming up the stairs with my camera. Such glorious timing.

There we stood, both of us marveling at the sweetness of this world.

"What is essential, is invisible to the eye." ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery


herhimnbryn said...

Glorious post N. We have woken to a cold morning and that is such a relief after all the heat. Your hound looks like he is 'savouring' the morning.

Janelle said...

hmmmmmmmm i can smell the spring winds in the spaces between your words...and feel the faery magik! oh gloriously invigorating! and GREAT pic of gus! xxx j

Chimera said...

Blog award for you on my site!
Tanvir x

ArtSparker said...

What a wonderful photo of Gus.

This blogger stopped by my blog, I thought you might like hers