Friday, March 20, 2009

Petals in the Morning~

I am someone in constant awe of Plant Spirit Medicine. As my garden begins to bloom, I am preparing to gather the magical elixirs offered by my petaled friends. Making healing flower essences is one of my joys. My gratitude for the wisdom here reaches to the stars and back again.

Just today, I was outside with the first spring beauties, gazing upon their dazzling blooms, my heart stirring with enthusiasm at the thought of discovering their healing properties. Standing there in the spring sun, I remembered that Dr. Edward Bach first discovered the homeopathic healing essences of flowers by licking the dew accumulated on flower petals at dawn. I have heard it told that Dr. Bach was not the first one to do this marvelous thing. That ingesting the dew on flower petals was a tradition the wise woman of the old world were very much aware of. That sending their patients out into dewy meadows at dawn, to lick the dew drops off flower petals, was a known medicinal practice.

All this is to say, that if you have never bent down to lick the dew off a flower petal, I highly recommend it.


herhimnbryn said...

What a glorious purple!

Karen said...

How pretty!
Spring flowers lift the spirit x

Janelle said...

i would love to try it. licking dew off a flower...if only i could find a flower on the barren dry bare hill...not sure if there's any dew left j

Tammie Lee said...

ooh la la, spring in all her glory!
I woke to 6 inches of fresh snow, I sense it will be a wee bit of time before I see beauties popping up like these!

Chimera said...

Absolutely heartlifting photos! I wish i was a more competent gardener! I winge about the cold and wimper about the hardness of the soil even when it is all lucious and crumbly..My mum and older sister and green green fingered..mine are a light blue! Hopefully this year will be different and I am watching your blog to check what should go in about when! I see it is time for peas!
T xx