Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To All The Good Friends I Have Known~

If you are like most Canadians you own at least three of Neil Young's albums. If you grew up in a small Canadian town, you know at least 10 of his songs by heart. If you were born in the 1970's your dad probably looked like Neil Young.

mine sure did...

Neil Young is our Canadian Hero. He has been playing in the background of my life while I was learning to walk, to read and to drive down old country roads, in 62 Chevy's, grinding the gears all the way. Neil Young is the musician you turn to after several bottles of red wine, sitting round a blazing campfire, under a starry Canadian Sky. "Heart of Gold" kicks the night off and "Helpless" winds it down. Neil Young's music is comfort food for the soul, it's like mash potatoes and sunday dinner.

And it was Neil Young who inspired this post. Just the other night, in a moment of missing my country home, I put Neil Young on the stereo, and sang my heart out until the longing was gone, and all was well again.

The song that brought me back around was called, "One of these days," and it goes like this:

One of these days,
I'm gonna sit down and write a long letter
To all the good friends I've known
And I'm gonna try
And thank them all for the good times together...

And I thought standing there in my messy kitchen, I thought, now that is good idea. Apron on, wooden spoon in hand, dinner simmering on the stove, tea brewing in the pot, I was over come with gratitude for "All the good friends I have known."

So this post is dedicated to "All the good friends I have known." To all the wonderful people who make my life so very sweet. For each and everyone of you who have come into my life and reminded me how very beautiful this world is over and over again.

To the wild folks back home in those Monashee Mountains, the world would not be so much fun without you, to Sugar Lake and campfires and beer on the patio boat. To the friends who I have met in forgien lands, watching sunsets in exotic places and talking about the stars. To the incredible women I dance with every week. To the friends I went to school with all those years ago, the girls, who have grown up to be beautiful women. To the music makers, the guitar playing friends who have spilled more than one bottle of wine on my old carpets. To the festival friends, you wild bunch of dancing faeries, I love you all! To the philosopher friends, and whole nights we've spent together, discussing the meaning of it all. To the friends from all over this glorious globe who come to this site to read my ramblings.  You folks are the BEST!  Good Goddess, am I ever Lucky.  

Thank You All, for reminding me over and over again that I am not alone in this wonderful world. 

Today, is my 33rd birthday, a good time to reflect on one's blessings I think. Here's to you!


Amica said...

Happy Birthday Nao!

Anonymous said...

"here here Nao, you made me cry again, you know how I get.... love you so much and happy birthday again, you are my angel child,
love mom

Janelle said...

HAPPY B DAY MAGIK LADY NAO! beautiful post and thoughts as always. and so inspirational. and of course, even to folks all the way in africa, Young is a LEGEND. xxx j

mamak said...

many blessings to you as you celebrate your birth!!

Janine said...

Happy b'day Nao! So many 3's...;)putting things together? Wait till your 35, that's when questioning Life really starts, time of adventures! Follow your heart Nao.

Neil Young, his music is blessed, listening right now to 'the painter'.

For your year of 33, I wish you Self Love, beautiful Angel.
Jay xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!
Much love Katalina,Kevin& Wee Robert

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! Love,
Katalina,Kevin, & Wee Robert

simplyred said...

So much wisdom from one so young! And I speak from 65 years of experience on this earth. First, Happy Birthday, I hope it is as special as you are. Second, I love your posts, they are always so wonderful and uplifting. Thanks for helping to make MY days better.

Gypsy Gold Studio

ArtSparker said...

Birthday Greetings from (temporarily) sunny California.

ruthie said...

Wonderful happy birthday wishes to u sweet Nao, and thank you this peaceful place to visit & for your beautiful words x

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Nao.

Neil Young is truly a Canadian legend.

Anonymous said...

Nao, your like your mother, totally amazing. You never stop amazing me. I love you, just keep being nao. love darcy

herhimnbryn said...

Happy Birthday dear N.