Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Dirty Dishes, Hungry Cats, Pouncing Dogs and Snoring Men

Yesterday I stumbled upon an old Gypsy saying, that goes something like this:  "When you find yourself overwhelmed by the piles of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, be nothing but thankful, because if there are dishes to wash, their was food to eat, and the more dirty dishes there are, the more people you got to share it with." ( or something like that)  

So this morning, it is a new day, and that sun is rising in the eastern sky, as she does so beautifully, and I am attempting to cultivate this old Romani style of gratitude and apply it like a thick coat of new paint to all the things that reach out to irritate. 

And so, when the cats meowed and meowed at 6:00 this morning because they were hungry and wanted feeding, and I wanted to throw pillows in their direction and yell, "CAN'T YOU SEE I AM SLEEPING...."   A magikal thing happened,  if my life were a movie, there would have been a puff of smoke and the appearence of a winged creature, who would speak to me in a whispy voice about important things.  

And come to think of it, I believe this did happen, but my eyes were closed so I can't be sure.  I can tell you this though,  I did hear a voice, and it said... "Remember the Gypsy saying and be grateful for these fine furry friends who love you, no need to start this fine day with rage."

( and poof, the winged one was gone and the room was a glow with a "new way" tee hee)

And as my man snored away beside me, his dirty socks and wet bath towels spread across the floor, I thought, okay, yes, yes, lucky I am, to have such a good man in my life.   And when the dog pounced on to my stomach with all his good morning vigor, how could I do anything but love him.  

And so my friends I begin this day with a toast to dirty dishes and pouncing dogs and meowing cats and snoring men and most importantly Gypsy wisdom, for I realize today that I am not alone in this beautiful world and more than that, I am surrounded by loving beings who make my life a prayer.  

(And because of this morning's inspired blog, the dishes will have to wait  yet another day, and I will be so lucky as to keep remembering how many good people I share food with.  ha ha!)


Photo by Jaime Kowal


herhimnbryn said...

Yes! and even standing and doing the dishes can allow for a meditation. I watch the magpies under the orange tree or wood pigeons at the bird bath.

Danae said...

Nao - it's been so long it feels since i've seen you. reading this bright & delightful piece totally reconnected me with your lovely, lovely spirit. Thank you for this and it's great to hear & know of this amazing endeavor of yours.....
Danae Johnson (previous student of dance classes)