Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Young at Heart~ A Film Recomendation

Last night I watched one of the most wonderful documentaries of my life. It was called "Young at Heart," and follows the story of a group of glorious senior citizens who get together to sing and perform rock and roll.

It was the kind of film that has you laughing and crying for it's entire length. The kind of film that reminds you of the power of singing and the importance of such a simple act. The kind of film that has the potential to touch us at the very depths of our souls.  I highly, highly recommend this one for anyone who wants to be reminded of the miracle of song.

Talk about the simple and transformative landscape of the everyday, these seniors truly understand the essence of this.  I am in the greatest gratitude for what they are sharing with the world.  And  just couldn't help but want to share this one with you.

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