Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode to the Autumn Equinox~ September 22nd

Image by Mara Freidman
Autumn Equinox~Sun enters Libra, Moon in Cancer

And so the wheel turns yet again and all living things welcome this transformation.  The earth sighs with relief as she sends her energy in and down, and my own body does the same as I sit here this morning with my hot tea and look out at my sleepy autumn garden.  Everything is still after the rain, wind blown petals, leaves, and fruit are spread upon the ground, surrendering to their inevitable return back into the arms of the Great Mother.  

The wisdom of this season soothes.   Autumn invites us to be still, to turn our attention to the landscape of soul and embark upon the journey down the winding roads that exist on the inside of our lives. It is time to dream, and listen, and take the pen to those blank  journal pages.  Time to open books and read them in comfy chairs beside hearth fires.  Time to enjoy the fruits of our labours, to open the jam jars that contain the sweetness of summers ripeness.  To sit together with friends and give thanks for harvest, for the year gone by, for the abundant offerings of this good earth.  

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