Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wise Words~

"If you are on the journey, you are at the goal,"  said Carl Jung.

And isn't that just one of the best things you've ever heard! I mean don't you find it to be such a relief!

I know I certainly do, find it a relief that is, those words are like a breath of fresh mountain air to me.  I wrote them out in purple pencil crayon and stuck them to my kitchen wall, in case I forget, which I often do.  And when I am in the middle of 100 things that need doing, when everything is asking for my attention, when the laundry is flowing over it's wicker basket and the dishes are piling up in a dirty heap on the counter, I turn to the these words.  When the lists are lengthening by the minute and the dog is needing feeding, I turn to these words.  When the urge to feel "not good enough" rises up like a tidal wave from the psychic depths and an internal voice says "do more for this good earth, be a better person,  get your book published, be a better friend,  become a more thoughtful wife, a more accountable sister, a sweeter daughter, a more compassionate teacher... it is in these moments that I look over at those purple words taped to my yellow wall, and I give thanks for the wisdom of wise Mr. Jung.

I highly recommend folding this one into your beautiful life somehow. I don't think you'll  be disappointed.

Images: Beatrix Potter


Anonymous said...

Nao, you already are the sweetest daughter, I love you, and thank-you for reminding me that I am already at my goal!
love always, mom

TheSingingBird said...

so glad i stopped by to read this tonight, thank you

Renee said...

Nao this is so lovely and something I needed very badly today.



ArtSparker said...

There's also a Jung quote, if memory serves along the lines of "I am question which is posed to the world".

Anetka said...

Hi Nao:)
Hope you are doing fine:) great and wise words!!

I left you an award on my blog:) please pick it up and pass on:))

best wishes

get zapped said...

Terrific post and quote. It's a perfect reminder that we are on the way, it's a matter of noticing and taking time to be with the moment.

Peace to you.