Monday, January 5, 2009

Hobbit House~

After the dishes were all done the other night, and everything was put away, I paused there in the warm glow, tea towel in hand.  There were some candles burning on the kitchen alter, and the dog was sleeping on the wooden floor. I looked out the front window, past the wisteria covered gate, into the snowy white darkness, to see my neighbors burgundy house lit up like a storybook cottage.  

And it was a strange moment, because there I was in a warm and wonderful place, but I wasn't aware of it at all.  No, I was longing for something other than what was, overcome with a kind of poetic desire for a whimsical life far far away from this ordinary kitchen.  

And then, for some reason, when I opened my mouth to speak,  I said the funniest thing, I said, to my man, who was sitting peacefully at the kitchen counter with a glass of wine, I said, "oh how I wish I lived in a hobbit house just like Bilbo Baggins," at which point my man looked up at me and said, "why do you wish that? You do." 

And just like that the spell was broken, the dog stirred, the candle light flickered, and everything was beautiful.  I mean my house may not be built into a mound of green, in a magikal meadow, on the edge of a wood, but it is certainly a warm and cozy place, filled to the brim with magikal things, enchanted books, delicious foods, flowers and friends... 

Don't you just love when that happens? When suddenly you can see just how very blessed you are, because somebody who knows you well enough, says the very thing you need to hear, at the perfect time you need to hear it.


Janelle said...

i do i do i do! love it when that the day i didn't feel like going to school to teach and my darling said but you might miss the chance to inspire somebody..which had me racing light hearted out the door..your house DOES look like a cosy hobbit one! xxx j

Chimera said...

Yep, I agree! I dread volunteering at Citizens Advice sometimes, dealing especially now with so much debt, depression and fear, but then click, whirr, connect and a simple thank you from someone unlikely, or easing someone's fear or..well it makes the whoole horrible building alive with light.
You house looks gorgeous and i bet smells much better then a hobbits. (they had very hoary feet dya know.)
T xx

Art4Sol said...

Yes! It's hard sometimes to be here in the now and appreciate what we have....always wanting more rather than being content....and missing all those precious moments because our minds are elsewhere.
Have a great week!

herhimnbryn said...


carey said...

i have always wanted to live in a hobbit house. i'm hoping to get there someday.

ArtSparker said...

A happy evening observance.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could say I do too.

Your house looks beautiful! :)


Julia Guthrie said...

I long for that magical feel sometimes I peek in a mirror & look at my rooms through new eyes!
It always feels like I am peeping into someone elses house :) But it does help me appreciate what I already have.

Julia xxx

Janine said...

I love Julia's comment about the mirror. Now, I am looking through a mirror into your home, it is magical! That magic is you, NAO, and the most beautiful thing about it is, that you share your Beauty with the world, your heart.
Thank you Nao.
xo Janine

Renee said...

I do totally love that. When in one sentence they can hit the nail on the head.

I have stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and when I say to my husband 'I don't want to have cancer, I don't want to die.' He always says 'Well Dearest, we have to go through the process.'

Now I don't know why but that always gives me comfort.