Sunday, January 25, 2009

Signs of Spring~

Image by Helena Nelson Reed

This morning, in my garden, I noticed that the green world is once again beginning to stir and winter is beginning to retreat. The first spring bulbs have pushed their little green heads an inch above the soil and even though it will be some time before the first blooms, this little bit of new-green rising out of the frozen ground is enough to color the world.  Enough to trust that good things are coming.

Today, the sun came out and warmed our faces as we walked through the woods sipping chai tea, while the dog ran wild.  Later, the mountains glowed and the cat rolled her soft body on the brick path to soak up the tender rays of early spring.  I had a nap, knowing that all is well.


Heather said...

How lucky you are to have bulbs sprouting in your garden already! It's still winter here - the temperature was -15 C today.

ArtSparker said...

Naps are the best, I suppose it gives one a chance to emulate the bulbs.

Janelle said...

ah how magical! as i was reading about the beginnings of your spring i am SURE i heard a rumbling of thunder over mt meru...i really hope it rains. i really hope it rains....and what a BEAUTIFUL image...! enjoy the beginnings or spring! lots love xx j

Leon Basin said...

That's always a good thing!!