Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miracles for Breakfast?

Recently I stumbled upon these words, in a book entitled Dreams Of Isis, by Normandi Ellis:

"My quest for the miraculous has become a daily quest.  I try to remember in every moment that I am a creature of Light, shot through with radiance, energy, transformative power.  I am an ordinary miracle, an ape transformed, a child become woman, water and dust walking.  I am divine thought moving through matter in a world filled with splendor."

And I thought to myself, why not wake each morning and greet the new day with words, or songs, or ideas, or prayers, that echo this wise and ancient Egyptian way. What have any of us got to loose in believing in the magnificent potential of it all.

I really can't think of anything that could stop me from pouring my heart into believing that this life, is a truly miraculous experience, and that I, am blessed in infinite and unknowable ways, as we all are, each and every one of us.


Margaret Ann said...

Wowza...this is an awesome piece of beautiful and meaningfully written!...and the last is spectacular...MMmmmm!

Janelle said...

absolutely!!!! with you all the way on this one. happy to have found this inspirational re confirming blog! xx janelle

ArtSparker said...

More light is on the way with the sun's ascent. A good time to think of this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the uplifting words.

"My quest for the miraculous has become a daily quest," are words to live by. :)