Friday, November 7, 2008

To Irish Jigs~

This morning I blew the dust off my fiddle case, and as the rain came pouring down outside, I took my beautiful instrument into my arms and I played.  

I let those Irish reels whirl into my heart, while my stiff fingers, rusty from lack of practice, hit every second note incorrectly. I might have played badly, indeed I did play badly, but somehow it didn't matter. That my cats went running from the room, ears down in irritation, didn't matter. There is something about an Irish reel that says, "you just can't be so damn serious."  

So I have decided, I am dedicating this day to all things non-serious.  To doing jigs and eating sweet things and wearing a silly hat that looks more like a tea cozy then anything else.  As long I am not hungry or cold and there is music, it is a good day.

After all, as I learned from the man in the laundromat, "too much thinking, makes the heart sick."  

Hey, diddle, diddle!
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed,
To see such a site,
And the dish ran away with this spoon.


ArtSparker said...

Hello again - love the post. Music brings us closer to something essential, I believe that. wish I could hear you!

herhimnbryn said...

We could all get together for a ceilidh, i could practise my spoon playing!
I do think you should post a pic of the 'tea cosy' hat!

Chimera said...

I would love to come and join the ceilidh! I can sing a bit but am also good with finger clicking! Music and laughter heals all things!
thank you for the lovely comments on my blog!
T x

Rima said...

Here I am with my accordion :)
Thanks for the recommendations Nao!
I know kroke.. yes... but hadn't heard of the fishtanks... wow! I am downloading now :)
We should swap music collections!
I have a lot of gypsy music... :)

ruthie said...

love your blog Nao, and the thoughts & memories it evokes. i cant play a thing, but would sit wrapped in a cosy corner contentedly listening. the idea of dedicating a day to all things non serious is a wonderful idea & makes me smile , thank you *ruthie*