Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prayer~ A Poem

This is a poem which was just introduced to me this past weekend.  It is one that I have read every day since our initial introduction.  I have read it in the bath, in the mornings whilst sipping nettle tea, in the evenings after supper, in candle light, out loud to my animals, and on my sunny front porch.  And oh, how happy I am, to make this wonderful acquaintance.  I find poems are like that, like new friends, friends that I look forward to getting to know beyond the first impression, beyond the first moment of soulful recognition.  

By Lisa Colt

May we reveal our abundance without shame.
May we peel back our sleeping wintery layers
like snakeskin's, like the silk chrysalis,
like clothing cast off during love.
May we unravel with abandon like lover's knots
before knitting ourselves back to the heart.
May we settle into our own
 rhythms as tides do-
within the borders of the moon's calling.
May the music of our souls
be accompanied by grand gestures
and the persistent clapping of humming
bird's wings.
May the milky fingers of the moon 
reach down nightly to cherish and unveil us.
May we turn our bodies generously in its light
like tranquil fish glinting underwater,
like precious stones.
When we open our mouths to sing
may the seasons pause in their long journey
to listen and applaud.

Artist's Unknown~  Images from Internet


ruthie said...

such a beautiful to the heart poem, conjures delicious images, thank you so for sharing *ruthie*

Karen said...

Simply beautiful.

Margaret Ann said...

There can be such intrinsic spiritual beauty in written thought...thanks for sharing these words with us.